Fashion + Technology


A movement is emerging in the fashion industry as it adopts the new rules of technology, from major initiatives in sportswear, to a range of avant-garde designers experimenting with high tech. Fashion and technology is now integrating far beyond the simple idea of new fabrics applied to old designs, or inner pockets for your iPhone. Questions remain as to whether this is a fad and will remain insignificant or is a trend that will ultimately ignite a movement, whether it will influence the design of fashion itself, and if it will respond to the new needs and demands of society. Like the industrialization of the fashion industry in the 30’s, high technology has the power to cause a radical shift in the design, function and production of fashion.

In an age of devices, data, social media, and a 24/7 connected world, in our researches we aim to explore and establish new directions in the field, discover new methods for the application of the latest technologies, and understand its influence on the aesthetic of fashion design and personal experience.




Volta Top

Wireless sensor system of VoltaTop enhances body immune and energy levels, monitors biometric